Read, See & Think. (RST)



1.    Read

     “To read" doesn’t just mean reading books and acquiring knowledge. “To read” is to learn and understand the expression and nuances of words, sentences, clauses, chapters, and books written in a given language. The concept of “to read” includes and emphasizes interpretation, as is common in foreign language education at the junior and senior high school levels throughout the world.


2.    See

     Similar to “to read,” to see” is an attempt to make meaning of the world through the people, things and phenomena that we encounter in our everyday lives and gain insight into the true nature of the world. The saying “one must be an observer” best encapsulates this idea.


3.   To think

     “To think” is an idea that can be found within the concepts of “to read” and “to see.” Only when one reflects on what they have read and/or seen can a genuine opinion be formed based on lived experiences. Therefore, it is wise for one to gain greater exposure to what they read and see in order to form well-grounded opinions.