Greetings from our Principal

Thank you for visiting the homepage of Wako Kokusai High School

Suzuki Hironobu, our 14th principal



“Be Leaders Needed in a Globalized Society”
Our Students Continue to Grow


     Wako International High School opened in 1987 as the first international public high school in Japan, and is now in its 36th year. Aiming to "nurture global leaders needed in an international society," the school is committed to educating students with solid academic ability, language skills, and an international outlook with a view towards life after graduation. The school seeks to nurture students with capacity for "mutual understanding and cooperation," "knowledge and application," and "integrity and compassion" through school events, club activities, and various overseas training and exchange events during the three-year period of high school.

     We hope that our school's website will actively provide information about our school's activities, and we would like to convey the characteristics of our school not only to those who are directly involved with us, but also to junior high school students and others in the community.


Our goals for this school year

1.      To help further our students’ future goals through an ever-improving classroom experience and helping them to develop the skills to learn autonomously.

2.      To develop our students’ abilities to enable them to contribute to the international community.

3.      To promote collaboration with external groups to further improve the quality of our education.

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