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Hori Naoto, our 15th principal

“Be Leaders Needed in a Globalized Society”
Our Students Continue to Grow


**History and Mission**:


Wako International High School, established in 1987 as the first international public high school in Japan, boasts a rich history spanning 38 years. Its foundational mission is to "nurture global leaders needed in an international society." This mission underscores the school's dedication to preparing students for a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected and diverse.


- *Nurturing Global Leaders*: The school's primary objective is to equip students with not only solid academic proficiency but also language skills and an international perspective that will serve them well in life beyond graduation. It aspires to cultivate students who can confidently step into leadership roles on a global stage.


- *Core Values*: The school places a strong emphasis on fostering values such as "mutual understanding and cooperation," "knowledge and application," and "integrity and compassion." These values are woven into the fabric of the school's culture and are instilled in students through various avenues, including school events, club activities, and overseas training and exchange programs during their three-year high school journey.


**Outreach and Community Engagement**:


One of the school's key objectives is to actively communicate its characteristics and activities to a wider audience, extending beyond its immediate community. This outreach aims to engage not only those directly involved with the school but also community members and other educational institutions, promoting an understanding of the school's unique identity and contributions.


**Goals for the Current School Year**:


1. *Enhancing Classroom Experience*: The first goal for this school year is to continually improve the classroom experience for students. This includes creating an environment that empowers students to learn autonomously and develop essential skills that will benefit them in their future endeavors.


2. *Contributing to the International Community*: The second goal revolves around the development of students' abilities to contribute meaningfully to the international community. This aligns perfectly with the school's mission to nurture global leaders who can make a positive impact on a global scale.


3. *Collaboration with External Groups*: The third goal involves promoting collaboration with external groups. This collaboration is intended to enhance the quality of education at the school by drawing on external expertise and resources, enriching the learning experience for students.


Overall, the school's rich history, mission, and goals for the current school year reflect its commitment to excellence in education and the cultivation of future leaders who will make a positive difference in a globalized world.

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