ALT Corner

ALT Corner

Open Presentation and Debate

On Monday 13th March, students from the 1st year Gaigo course gave a presentation in English about a social issue. Eight students from among 1-7 and 1-8 were chosen to present to their classmates and teachers. This presentation is a form of preparation for their third year at Wako-ku, where Gaigo students will present a longer graduation presentation on a social issue of their choice.


In addition, on Thursday 16th March, students from the 2nd year Gaigo course had Open Debate. Four debate teams were chosen among 2-7 and 2-8 to participate in a debate in front of the 1st and 2nd year Gaigo students. The topic for debate was, “Convenience stores in Japan should be banned from being open for 24 hours”. One team from both 2-7 and 2-8 ended up winning their debate matches.  


These events were a way for students to show their classmates and teachers how much they have grown in the English speaking skills since the beginning of the school year. Congratulations to the 1st and 2nd year Gaigo students on all their hard work this year!



On the graduation day

Hi it’s me Tunji! Today was the graduation ceremony. Last year I also attended the graduation ceremony but it was a bit because I didn’t know any of the graduates because I didn’t teach any of them. This year’s graduates are actually students I taught so the feeling was very different. I taught these students when they were 2nd years and also continued on teaching some of them when they became 3rd year students. It was a bit sad to have to say goodbye. In life you’ll meet many people along the way and those people won’t always be a part of your life. How I’m putting it may sound sad but I don’t think that's the important part. When you meet someone there will always come a day where you have to say goodbye but this fact doesn’t change the value that person has to you or affect the memories you made. So I’d like to say it was an honor to teach the students that graduated today. I’m glad to have met you. Despite me being a teacher you all taught me so much. From my heart, thank you.  

FEN Debate Club: Winter Cup

On Sunday 12th February, students from the FEN debate club participated in the Winter Cup online at school. The students were split into two teams to debate the question: should English be excluded from university entrance exams? The students spent months researching this topic and practicing to prepare for this tournament. Through this competition, they also had the chance to compete with students from different schools, such as Omiya International High School and Inagakuen.

Through their efforts, the two teams of the English debate club won 9th and 11th place in the competition. Although most students were very new to debate at the beginning of the school year, they worked hard to learn debate skills. These results are due to their consistent efforts throughout the year. Congratulations to the FEN club on such excellent results, and to the teachers that supported them!



On a Snowy Day

It's me, Tunji! Last week I had my final lesson at Fujimino High School. Going to a different school every once in a while was a very interesting experience. While at Fujimino I noticed that the teacher and student relationship was quite different from Wakoku. It was quite interesting to see. When the other teachers found out it was my last they chatted with me for an hour during my free period. While I do have mixed feelings about visiting Fujimino, over all I think the experience has given me a unique perspective on the differences and similarities between schools. I’m also glad that my last day was last week because today it snowed for the first time in a long time. It would’ve been troublesome to go to Fujimino.

Preparation for Marathon Day

Since the start of this term, the students in Wakoku have been preparing for the Marathon Day that will take place on February 1. It was unfortunate (the students might disagree) that the run was canceled last year due to COVID-19. This year, we will be taking the scenic route and the students will be running around Lake Sai. The girls will be running 10 km and the boys, 15 km. It might be tough for most of the students but I hope they will have fun and make some fond memories while toughing it out with their friends.


Keep running!