ALT Corner

Preparation for the Cultural Festival


On Friday 24th and Saturday 25th of June this week, Wakoku will have their cultural festival. In the lead up to this event, students have been working hard in their homerooms and clubs to prepare for the many events during this time.


Some classes are preparing exciting games with various themes, such as Squid Game, Splatoon, and Minecraft. Many clubs are preparing as well, such as the ESS club, who will perform in the gym, and the Manga club, who will hold an exhibition of their artworks. During this time, the students have a lot of excitement and energy, and are proudly wearing their special class t-shirts.


This will be my first cultural festival, and I am very excited to see what the students have prepared this year. Since I never had an event like this in my high school in Australia, this will be a very unique experience for me.


There will be many games, performances, and exhibitions, so I hope everyone enjoys the cultural festival!


Catriona McMahon