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School trip

School trip

by Chin Jie Yun

     Excitement filled the air this week at Wako International High School as students prepared to go on their school trip, which occurred after the Term 1 Mid-term test. The students were excited and looking forward to this trip as a change of pace after having studied hard for the mid-term test.


     These school trips usually take place in a surrounding prefecture. This year, the Year 1 students went to Chiba prefecture to pick clams by the seashore, an activity commonly done in the summer, whereas the Year 2 students travelled out further to Kamakura in Kanagawa prefecture to learn about the history of Japan as Kamakura was the political center of Japan in the late 12th century. Also in Kanagawa prefecture, the Year 3 students had a taste of a different culture in Yokohama as they visited Motomachi-chukagai, otherwise known as Chinatown.

     Seeing how excited the students were for their school trips brought back fond memories of my own school trips when I was a student. It is during school trips when students bond with their friends and create memories to remember their high school life with. I am looking forward to the stories that the students will share when they come back to school next week.