ALT Corner

About club activities at Wakoku, especially about Handmade Club

                   Welcome back to the start of a new semester. It’s Jade writing today! Let’s talk about clubs at Wakoku today. In particular, I’d like to tell you about the Handmade Club!

                   Handmade club happens every Tuesday after school. In this club, students can learn how to make delicious food with their friends. Usually, we cook something sweet. For example, we have made chocolate chip cupcakes, delicious crêpes, and last week we made decadent French toast. So many of the students at Wakoku are already amazing chefs and can make some great-tasting food. Hopefully being able to cook together at school inspires everyone to keep on trying new things in the kitchen.

                   In Canada, my home country, there usually aren’t after-school club activities like Handmade Club. Instead, Canadian students can experience the fun of cooking during Home Economics class where they learn how to make all different kinds of food. In Canada, I enjoyed taking Home Economics class and now I’m enjoying seeing how a similar activity happens in Japan.

There are many differences in the tools and equipment used in Japanese kitchens vs Canadian kitchens. Canadian kitchens always have large ovens and stove tops but there usually aren’t things like gas ranges and rice cookers. Japanese kitchens use chopsticks a lot more in cooking and make much better use of the microwave. In the end, however, equipment and tools don’t matter as long as there is tasty food being made and enjoyed by the people close to us.

Let me give a huge thank you to Handmade Club for letting me join them and share in the joy of cooking together!