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Exam Time at Wakoku

This week, students had their mid-term exams for term 1. For the first year students, this was their first exams since entering high school. Lots of the students were nervous, but everyone has been studying very hard to do their best for these exams.

With spring almost finished, the days are getting hotter, and the rainy season has begun. The hot and humid summer in Japan is very different to summer in my home country, Australia, where summer is very dry.

Many students are looking forward to being able to enjoy the nice weather now that exams are over. Good job to all the students on finishing your exams!


Catriona McMahon

Scenery of Wako and California

Hello! This is Tunji Kayode! I normally walk to school. On Fridays I sometimes work at Fujimino high school and when I do, if the weather is good I also walk to the school. The scenery of Wako City and Fujimino are quite different. Along the way for both schools I see students I recognize which is interesting since they are sometimes heading in opposite directions, from Wako to Fujimino and Fujimino to Wako. In California it is very rare for high school students to commute a long way to go to school. Most students attend school based on districts and where they live. It is interesting to think about the small differences between our countries.

A Well-Deserved Break – Golden Week at Wakoku

A Well-Deserved Break – Golden Week at Wakoku


     This week was a little different for Wakoku students and teachers. Due to the generous number of public holidays in Japan, everyone was able to enjoy staying home on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The students have been working very hard since the beginning of the semester and so some time at home to focus on hobbies, spend time with family or catch up on sleep was greatly appreciated. Friday morning it was back to work for everyone but with one question being repeated over and over in the hallways and classrooms: “What did you do for Golden Week?” For me, I visited the annual Bonsai Festival in Omiya Bonsai Village. Golden Week is the perfect opportunity to learn about Japan and Japanese culture for us ALTs.