ALT Corner


Blood Donation Drive

First, congratulations to all students on finishing your exams for the term. I know you all studied very hard! There is now only one more week until the end of the term, but Wako-ku students are still staying busy.


On Tuesday 13th December, a truck came from the Red Cross to take blood donations at Wako-ku. Both students and teachers came to donate their blood. This will be life-saving for the many people who require blood donations each year.


A big thank you to all the students and teachers who donated their time (and blood) for a good cause!




Hello, it's me Tunji! When I don’t have classes I try to use the school’s training room. Surprisingly, not many students seem to know that such a room exists on campus. When students see me there, they are quite surprised. The other day after I finished using the training room I noticed that some of my students were playing badminton during their P.E. class so I decided to join them. It was the first time in years I’ve played badminton. Although I don’t pay attention to or play many sports, I used to play badminton with friends when I was at university. Playing with the students was a lot of fun and I would like to do it again if I get the chance.   

News Show

For the team-taught class this semester, the Year 1 Foreign Language students are doing a project titled “News Show”. The students work in small groups to create an original news show. They are given free reign over the news that they report on. They only required to have three types of news reports: an international, a domestic and a free topic. For the free topic, some groups even choose to exercise their creativity by coming up with an original news content.


The students are currently filming their news show. Initially, many students have chosen to do their filming indoor. But the rain a few days back cleared the sky and presented them with a golden opportunity to shot outdoors. At the start of the lesson, the students were hesitant about filming outside but once they stepped out of their classroom, they got excited enjoyed themselves.


We will be viewing the news shows as a class in early December. I am excited and looking forward to know what the students will come up with.