ALT Corner


FEN Debate Club: Winter Cup

On Sunday 12th February, students from the FEN debate club participated in the Winter Cup online at school. The students were split into two teams to debate the question: should English be excluded from university entrance exams? The students spent months researching this topic and practicing to prepare for this tournament. Through this competition, they also had the chance to compete with students from different schools, such as Omiya International High School and Inagakuen.

Through their efforts, the two teams of the English debate club won 9th and 11th place in the competition. Although most students were very new to debate at the beginning of the school year, they worked hard to learn debate skills. These results are due to their consistent efforts throughout the year. Congratulations to the FEN club on such excellent results, and to the teachers that supported them!



On a Snowy Day

It's me, Tunji! Last week I had my final lesson at Fujimino High School. Going to a different school every once in a while was a very interesting experience. While at Fujimino I noticed that the teacher and student relationship was quite different from Wakoku. It was quite interesting to see. When the other teachers found out it was my last they chatted with me for an hour during my free period. While I do have mixed feelings about visiting Fujimino, over all I think the experience has given me a unique perspective on the differences and similarities between schools. I’m also glad that my last day was last week because today it snowed for the first time in a long time. It would’ve been troublesome to go to Fujimino.